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Strawberry Picking

“Strawberry picking” every year filled with a lot of smiles. Our farm is near from the tourist attractions in Chiran (ex. Peace Park, Chiran samurai District,) so please feel free to come and drive!

making StrawberryDAIFUKU JAM

making StrawberryDAIFUKU JAM

Let’s make “Strawberry Daifuku” and “jam” of fresh strawberries!
Not only child, everyone can enjoy.

Duration: about 1 hour
(Strawberry Picking + Making Strawberry Daifuku)


about 40 minutes from Kagoshima City

UTO Taxi 宇都タクシー
TEL 0993-83-2146
CHIRAN Taxi 知覧タクシー
TEL 0993-83-2444

complete width car park and bathroom

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